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• Sold in packs of 4 panels: 2 @ 600mm x 200mm, 1 @ 400mm x 200mm 1 @ 200mm x 200mm;
• 3 packs cover 1 metre square
• 1 pack weighs approximately 30 kilos

Delivery £65 per pallet to mainland UK, additional pallets negotiable.
Our Price Only - £64.00 per metre
(inc VAT)


What is ZClad™?

Natural stone - made simple.
ZClad™ is a cladding system made from natural stone. It creates a stylish veneer, whether building a contemporary or traditional design
It has multiple interior and exterior applications. The modular z-shaped panels give a seamless finish for straight walling and cornering making it virtually impossible to detect. A ZClad™ wall can be erected in a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods.

As well as reduced labour costs, ZClad™ has the advantage of producing less waste during construction and requires no maintenance after installation is complete. Whilst traditional stone walling can have up to 25% wastage, ZClad™ has virtually none.

ZClad™ is a real stone panelling system specifically designed to create a distinctive, natural stone finish wherever it’s used. The panels rise in interlocking tiers, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialist labour. The panel ends are dressed, rather than straight sawn so that when forming a corner, they create a dressed effect effortlessly, thus making ZClad™ a quick and easy system to use.
The cement base is fixed to a covering of natural stone with metallic mesh to hold it together.

36 boxes per pallet -
3 boxes per metre.

Method of installation.
ZClad™ stone panels are quick and easy to fix to a wall with a good quality neutral tile adhesive. Compared to building a traditional stacked stone wall, it is possible to cover a large wall in a short period of time. There is no need for grouting; therefore once the panel is laid the job is finished.

Fitting of Panels.
Fitting should commence from the lowest row, fitting the ZClad™ pieces together. On fixing the second row, the joints between pieces should be alternated with those in the first row to avoid them being visible.
ZClad™ Panels may be applied over any masonry surface, concrete block, brick, cement, etc. If the support structure is painted or in the case of any other base which does not have the necessary adherence, this should be previously scraped or chipped away in order to prevent panels from becoming loose.

In general, a simple cement-based adhesive for exterior use, with a high level of flexibility, minimal vertical movement and resistant to prolonged exposure can be used.
ZClad™ Natural Stone Panels recommend the use of approved adhesive for fixing. It is important to ensure that the adhesive used can withstand the weight of the panel. For exteriors, and heights above two meters, it is recommended that the panels are fixed using the integrated clip.