Building Regulations for Stoves


Stoves use air from within the room for combustion. Any solid fuel stove which has an output higher than 5kws requires a permanently open vent with a cross sectional area of at least 550² mm for every kW above 5kW.

When installing an permanent air vent it must be non adjustable and ventilators should be installed to ensure the occupants are not provoked into blocking the air vents up to stop noise and draughts.

Air vents should not be installed into a fireplace recess except on the basis of specialist help. If you install a mesh or other type of guard to stop pests getting into the house then the mesh must be no smaller than 5mm.

Where to position a Permanent Air Vent
You can install a permanent air vent any where in the room as long as it has direct ventilation to the out side.

What is a Ventilator?
A Ventilator is a ventilation system that you install using a 5" core drill to provide a permanent air supply to the room if you have a stove of over 5kw.

The Ventilator Also known as a Black Hole Ventilator has a system that uses a baffle to reduce draughts and to help reduce noise.

"The Air vent can be anywhere in the room as long as it is on an external wall. You can even draw in air from a different room as long as the air travels from the outside into the room where the stove is situated!"