Stoves with Boilers
      Heat your water as well as your room, our range of boiler stoves look great and are highly efficient, click on a picture to view further information and to buy online, if you need any help with your selection, do get in touch.
Paladin 7kw Multi Fuel Stove
Paladin Stove
Druid 12 Stove
Druid 12kW Stove
Druid 21Stove
Druid 21kW Stove
Druid 25 Stove
Druid 25kW Stove
Druid 30kW Stove
Druid 30kW Stove
Aidan 21kw Multi Fuel Stove
Aidan Stove
Yorkshire Stove
Yorkshire Boiler Stove
Highlander8 Stove
Highlander 8 Boiler Stove
Highlander 10 Stove
Highlander 10 Boiler Stove

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