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  Twin Wall Flue Pipes
Adapter to Vitreous Enamel Increaser Vitreous Enamel Straight Length 1000mm.
Straight Length 500mm Straight Length 300mm 45 Deg Elbow
135 Degree Tee. Tee Cap Locking Band Flat Wall Support
Roof Support Firestop Plate Storm Collar Flashing Rain Cap
Adj Wall Support Fire Chest Mounting Plate Adjustable Length 880mm-530mm.
Adjustable Length 530mm-350mm. Inspection Length 440mm
Base support brackets Joist Support Adj Wall Support (Cuttable)
Guy Wire Bracket Ventilated Firestop Plate Finishing Plate 30-45 degrees
No.6 Silicone Masterflash (High Temperature) Wall Sleeve 90 Degree Tee
Flat Adaptor Starter Length 1000 mm Anti Wind Cowl
  Vitreous Enamel Stove Flue Pipes
1000mm length 125mm with cleaning door 500mm length 125mm with cleaning door
500mm length 125mm without door 90 degree bend 125mm 5"
90 degree bend 125mm 5" with cleaning door 45 Elbow With Door - VP 125mm (5")
1000mm length 150mm with cleaning door 500mm length 150mm with cleaning door
500mm length 150mm without door 90 degree bend 150mm 6"
90 degree bend 150mm with cleaning door 45 degree bend 150mm with cleaning door
900mm 5" Matt Flue Pipe 900mm 6" Matt Flue Pipe 900mm 7 " Matt Flue Pipe
45 Degree Bend 5" 45 Degree Bend 6" 45 Degree Bend 7"
Stove Adapter (European)
  Stoves without Boilers

Lerwick Stove Crofter Stove Firefox 12 Multifuel Wood Burning Stove
Tiger Plus Multifuel Woodburning Stove Druid Logbox Stove Cambridge Stove
Thames Stove Oxford Stove Oxford Logbox Stove Druid Stove Cladagh Stove
Laune Stove Tolka Stove Precision I Stove Precision II Stove

Precision III Stove Cairngorm Stove Earn Stove Pentland Stove
Skellig Stove Vesta Stove Aran Stove Kells Stove Suir Stove
  Stoves with Boilers
Paladin Stove Druid 12kW Stove Druid 21kW Stove Druid 25kW Stove
Druid 30kW Stove Aidan Stove Yorkshire Boiler Stove 
Highlander 8 Boiler Stove   Highlander 10 Boiler Stove 
  Contemporary Stoves
Iona Stove Eriskay Stove Osprey Stove Auskerry Stove Westray Stove
Lapedus Stove Tartu 5 Stove Shetland Harris Stove Fetlar Stove
Alicante Classic Stove Jannik Stove Venus Classic Stove
Alicante Soapstone Stove Dijon Soapstone Corner Fitting Stove
Lyon Soapstone Corner Fitting Stove Venus Ceramic Stove
Contemporary Kolding Ceramic Wood Burning Stove Churchill 6 Pedestal
Loxton 8. Antrium 7 Harris Soapstone Stove Polar Corner 6 Bergan Stove
Glendale Stove Brit Stove Tulsa Stove Vigo Stove
Tampa Stove Alkmaar Stove Trollvik Stove
  Inset Stoves
FT4 Inset Stove Shetland Inset Stove Orkney Inset Stove Bohemia X 40 Stove
Artic Stove Slimline 30 Stove Achill Stove Apollo Stove
  DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smokeless Zones
Saltfire ST1 Vision Stove Saltfire ST2 Stove Saltfire ST3 Stove Saltfire ST4 Stove
Dunsley Yorkshire Stove Dunsley Enviro-burn 5 Carron Stove - Red Enamel
Carron Stove - Green Enamel Carron Stove - Blue Enamel
Carron Stove - Cream Enamel Carron Stove - Black Enamel
Carron Stove - Antique Enamel Carron Stove - Gun Metal/Black
Carron Stove - Coloured Flue Pipe Serrano Stove Little Wenlock Classic SE
Baby Gabriel Precision I Stove Precision II Stove Classic 5 Cleanburn Stove
Bohemia X 30 Stove Classic 8 Cleanburn Stove Bohemia X 40 Cube Stove
Monterrey 5 Stove Bohemia X 40, 50 or 60 Stove Monterrey 7 Stove
Druid 5kW Stove Druid 8kW Stove Ekol Clarity 5 Stove Ekol Clarity 8 Stove
Aduro Woodburning Stoves
  Asgard 1 Stove Asgard 2 Stove Aduro 8 Stove Aduro 6 Stove
  Aduro 9-1 Stove Aduro 7 Stove Aduro 9-3 Stove Aduro 9 Air Stove
  Aduro 13 Stove Aduro 13-1 Stove
  Flue Liner Systems   

6" 316 / 316 Chimney Liner 6" Adaptor to Stove Pipe 5" to 6" Increasing Adaptor
6" Rain Cowl 6" Pot Hanger 6" Nose Cone Register Plate
Flue Liner Package 601 Flue Liner Package 602 Flue Liner Package 603
Flue Liner Package 605 Flue Liner Package 606 Chimney Pots
  Algarve Lisboa Kenton Lisbon Catania
Empress Ivrea Fermo Asti Marsala
 Flue Cube
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