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The Shetland Inset Stove.

Inset stoves are generally defined as those which are sat on a hearth. Inset stoves can transform an inefficient open fire into an efficient wood burning stove,often without requiring to remove any fire brick,and a great deal of building work,flames of an open fire through an airwashed glass window,up to 70% more efficient,allowing you to get the most from your fuel.
An easy way to convert your messy open fire,inset stoves normally fit into a British standard 22.5" x 16.5" fireplace opening and burn wood and solid fuel allowing you to replace an old inefficient gas or open fire with an output of under 5kw.
No extra room ventilation required,simply control your fire by reducing the air flow to a minimum.Your fire will gently smoulder.To bring your fire to life,simply increase the air flow.

Weight: 73 Kg.
Heat Output: 4kW
Width: 500mm.
Depth: 320mm.
Height: 600mm.
Chimney diameter: "132mm - 138mm
* No flue pipe required if your chimney is sound.

Our Price Only - £395 (inc VAT)

dimensions for inset chimney dimension.

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