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Register Plate

Sizes 1100mm x 500mm
Register Plate is made from 2mm galvanised mild steel, comes with flue collar for sealing and screwing liner.

A 6”x6” access hole for sweeping, angle brackets for fitting, easy cut with grinder, no liner to stove pipe adaptor required.

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Before you Start installation:

Check the following
1 . Your chimney has been swept
2. Check the liner will go down your chimney? (this can be done by pulling down a small section of the diameter liner you will be using eg: a 1 mtr length)
3. if you are going to be using a suspended cowl then there is no need to remove the Pot but if you are going to use any other type of termination then check that you can remove the pot easily on the day of installation.

Installation Guide -- The liner is used to re-line your existing chimney, the liner should always be fitted from the top before you start secure the NOSE cone/Draw String (order separately) onto the end of the liner making sure the arrows on the liner are pointing away from the nose cone in a upward direction so when the liner is installed the arrows will be pointing to the top of the chimney, pull the liner down the chimney using the draw string which comes with the Nose cone at the same time have someone at the top of the chimney feeding the liner down, once the liner is fitted remove the nose cone.

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