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Contemporary Lyon Soapstone Corner Fitting Wood Burning Stove

The LYON is a stunning corner fitting woodburner taking up minimal space. Fabulous polished soapstone sides, top and shelf - a real compliment to any home.

Added advantage of top or rear flue - rear flue can exit from the left or right side so gives you choice of finding outside wall access which in turn reduces installation cost.

Soapstone has good heat retaining properties, which means that the stove also continues to emit heat long after the fire has gone out.

Fully adjustable air controls
8 KW Nominal Output
Top or rear flue outlet
Vermiculite fire brick lined burning chamber for added efficiency
Excellent Air wash system for a long term clean glass
Black/Charcoal in Colour
Flue pipe available in colour or Black
Equipped with ash drawer and grate
Fireplace Stove Glove included

Large sized viewing glass helps you to view the glowing flames. Most of our stoves have top or rear flue connection possible so can be installed almost anywhere. Double skinned to produce convection heating as well as radiating its warmth Secondary air system to provide a clean burning stove producing low emissions and higher efficiency of up to 80%.

All of our stoves come CE approved, DIN Plus & EN 13240 regulations with a 5 years manufacturing warranty.

Height: 1076 mm
Width: 772 mm
Depth: 615 mm
Weight: 168 kg
Nominal output: 8 KW

Top and Rear Flue Connection (150mm/6")

Height of the lower edge of rear flue outlet: 795 mm

Safety distance from combustible materials:
Side: 10 cm
Rear: 10 cm
Front: 100 cm

Our Price Only - £1875 (inc VAT + delivery)

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