How the FlueCube Chimney Cowl Works

The FlueCube chimney cowl solves problems. If you have issues lighting your stove or the stove reaching its optimum temperature or smoke blows into your home when the wind blows in a certain direction; because of downdraught caused by surrounding trees, buildings or terrain.You need a FlueCube chimney cowl. It also helps the heating of your home while contributing to reducing your fuel bill. Saving on fuel means you save money and help the environment.

Both old and new wood burners will greatly benefit having the FlueCube chimney cowl, producing less soot and smoke, while burning hotter and using less wood.

The FlueCube uses both hot air from the firebox and cold air from the inversion layer above the cowl. The two air pressures mix in a chamber above the flue outlet, forming a mini cyclone. This cyclone creates a self-generating self-regulating, perpetual vacuum and acts as an up-draft cowl. It brings the fire to its optimum heat achieving a state of stable thermal efficiency, while preventing soot and smoke blowing out when opening the woodburner door.

Any smoke or particulate matter not burned in the firebox is compressed within the cyclone chamber. This is optimised by both the cold air intakes above and below the cowl. Once the cyclone establishes, the fire is largely soot and smoke free.

The EU recognises the importance of reducing pollutants such as soot and smog, as part of their long-term climate strategy. Wood is a sustainable resource, making it an environmentally friendly option for heating your home, and burning wood is a carbon-neutral activity.The FlueCube has been endorsed by the European Union through Low Carbon Kent where we are based.

Any smoke/ particulate matter that is not burnt in the firebox is compressed within the cyclone chamber. This action is optimised from not only the cold air intake from above the cowl but also from its base. Once tempered, in most cases all that remains to the eye is a shimmering heat.

Stand alone - Anti downdraught cowl free of moving parts, Bird proof, wind proof, snow proof.
Self cleaning provided that dry, low resin content wood is burned.

No toxic gasses or smoky odours inside the home - a relief to asthmatics and allergy sufferers Easy to Install.