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"Dear Ashley
Just a short email to say the flue cube is a terrific success. The woodburning stove is drawing well and working cleanly for the first time for fifteen years. I have recommended it already to one other person and both the chimney fitter and the person who sweeps the chimneys are very impressed. I hope you get more orders as a result!".

Judith East Sussex

"Having removed the seized up, so-called spinning cowl and replaced it with FlueCube we have notice there is less smoke, less down draft, burns cleaner and it now copes with wet and blustery weather, unlike the previous cowl when the house would have been smoked out! Excellent piece of kit.Thank you".

Ian & Caroline Russell

"I have had a Aga for 6 years that has smoked every time we have a wind. I have fitted 4 different cowls all supposed to stop the downdraught but all with no success. I recently fitted a Flue Cube and this has fully solved the problem even in the highest gales. On the day I fitted the Flue cube the Aga was smoking bad but immediatly the Fluecube was fitted all smoke and smell ceased.
This has been a terrific investment and a reduction in fuel use is quite measurable.

Thank you for finally solving my problem."

David Wakefield.

"Being somewhat sceptical about claims made in advertising spoke to yourselves and subsequently ordered a Fluecube. This was easily fitted by our son and just over a week later the fire is working brilliantly, the most heat in the 12 years since it was installed, no cloud of smoke hovering throughout the house each time doors opened. During this week the only weather we haven't experienced is snow. Highly recommend this product."

J Legg Dorset

"12 months ago I installed a Biomass wood pellet into a new build property near Devizes Wilts. Although the boiler worked well I was encountering real problems with smoke coming back down the flue, which also caused problems with flue temperature making the alarm go of on a regular basis. We tried rectifying the problem by adding height to the flue, installing a fan on the flue, and adjusting the settings on the boiler on many occasions, but nothing seemed to work. The boiler supplier was convinced that the problem was caused by atmospherics in the area, and suggested we try a new cowl on the market called FLUECUBE. We installed FlueCube three weeks ago, and it has transformed the problem. Since the FlueCube has been installed we have had no smoke problems what so ever, and also the temperature in the flue has decreased by a average of 30 degrees so the temp alarm has not gone off once since installation. I would thoroughly recommend the FlueCube if you are having similar problems.


Steve Richardson

"From Des Walker Chimney sweeps, Bristol.

We had customer with a new wood burning stove that was suffering from a poor draw and constantly blackening doors which, as the stove had large all surrounding glass windows was problematical for the owner.

We tried a number of the usual remedies to no avail and then decided to try the flue cube, somewhat sceptically I have to admit.

The fitting of the fluecube was fairly straight forward and the results have been very surprising for us: more heat generated, significantly improved draw, easier to light, less ash and a near total eradication of the door blackening.

We would certainly recommend this cowl if faced with this type of issue in the future."

Bruce Ballagher Sweep and Installer

"My customer complained of the noise her chimney made in high winds. We tried a number of different cowls to overcome this noise issue to no avail.
We then fitted the FlueCube and the problem is now solved”

Martin Tradewell. The Dales Sweep

"Hi Ashley,just had to tell you what a great success the"Flue Cube" has been to us, we have gone from a non-drawing, smoking wood burner to a super efficient fire, we can`t thank you enough for your excellent service&help we will certainly be recommending the "Flue Cube" to all.Thank you."

Edward&Diana Watson

"Hi. Registered last night with you & got trade details today thank you. I fitted my first one this evening in Hingham for Mr Bacon, I believe you have spoken to him. He has a brick chimney with clay liner that had been built on a new farmhouse. When I fitted the stove there was such a bad down draft it smoked the room out. I thought that the chimney was going to have to be doubled in height to get over the problem. We fitted the cube tonight and warmed the flue, put a smoke pellet in and pooff the smoke was gone!!!
I could not believe my eyes. We lite the fire and it blazed away.
I will defiantly be recommending these to my customers with problem chimneys.
Thank you"

Andrew Francis www.keepingithot.co.uk

"Hi Ashley
You may remember we spoke by phone on 2/10/12 when you kindly offered to give me a Flue Cube so it could be trialled on a Tortoise firebox open fireplace.
Gary Evans installed it earlier this week and I'm pleased to say it has been successful.

We have an external redbrick chimney built around 1950/55. After fitting the firebox, from Ashtead Fireplaces, we were unable to light a fire without small puffs of smoke coming into the room every 30-60 seconds. It drew for 90-95% of the time but the smoke coming in made it unusable. Gary first thought it was a bird's nest and swept the chimney but found nothing.

After fitting the FlueCube, there were a few puffs of smoke at the first lighting for a couple of minutes but it soon started drawing without a problem. The second time of lighting the fire, there was no problem at all and I've even been able to close the Tortoise damper without causing the room to fill with smoke.

There was no real explanation before fitting the Flue Cube as to why it puffed smoke occasionally - theories being external downdrafts, a nearby tree, the nearby sky dish, etc. But the Flue Cube does appear to have made the difference from a marginally working chimney into a properly working one.

I hope these results are useful to you and thank you very much for the cube.

Kind regards

Chris Barlow"

Chris Barlow