Burn less wood using the FlueCube Chimney Cowl

Heating your home while reducing your fuel bill is one of the key features of the FlueCube Chimney Cowl; in some cases burning up to 50% less wood.

q. How efficient will my wood burner become with a FlueCube Chimney Cowl installed?.

a. The FlueCube’s unique design enables the wood burning stove to burn fuel (wood) more efficiently until it is just ash dust at the bottom of your stove.
How efficient overall your wood burner becomes with a FlueCube will depend on a number of factors. An old wood burner will greatly benefit having the FlueCube chimney cowl. The newer clean- burning wood burners with additional secondary combustion are designed to burn more efficiently, but they will still see the benefit of the FlueCube as our test shows.(Click on pdf)

q. What kind of wood should I use?

a. The most suitable firewoods are oak, hazel, ash,hornbeam,birch and hawthorn. As long as they are well seasoned, we would also recommend apple, beech, cherry, elm, chestnut, plane, rowan, sycamore and yew.

q. How should I store wood for my burner?

a. For tangible results your wood needs to be well seasoned and dry before it is burnt in a wood burner with a FlueCube. (Note: different woods take varying amounts of time to season.) Your wood should be split ,stacked under cover, with sides open to air for at least a year.

q. What standards does the FlueCube meet?

a.A member of the European Federation of Chimney Sweeps (NACS)Associate member of the Guild of Master Sweeps. The FlueCube is BRSIA tested to conform to British Safety Standards.BS715:1993 & BSEN 1856-1:2005, Compliant with the National Environment written laws: AS/NZS 4012 and AS/NZS 4013 - as a non-inclusive, uncertifiable component, An effective flue cap or rain hat, not considered an 'appliance variation'.

q. How easy is it to install my FlueCube?

a. Chimneys vary therefore we recommend that the FlueCube is installed by a professional. Please contact us for a list of installers in your area.

q. Will I still need to have my Chimney cleaned?

a. The FlueCube will help to keep your chimney clean, providing you burn dry, low resin content wood. We recommend as do chimney sweeps recommend that chimneys are inspected and cleaned regularly.

q. Does the FlueCube work with Multi Fuel Stoves Aga's and Rayburns?

a. The FlueCube does will with these stoves.It will also improve the performance of stoves and stop downdraught issues.

q. Does FlueCube support British industry?

a. Our FlueCubes are proudly made in Great Britain, under licence from FlueCube NZ.

q. How does the FlueCube help the environment?

a. Using a British Standard BS 2742:2009 Ringlemann smoke chart to check the degree of visual pollution, the FlueCube on top of a wood burner reduces the amount of soot released into the atmosphere.

q. Why is it important to burn wood more cleanly using a FlueCube?

a. The EU recognizes the importance of reducing particulates the biggest polluter being our cars.As part of their long-term climate strategy. Wood is a sustainable resource, meaning that it is an environmentally friendly option when it comes to heating your home, and burning wood is a carbon-neutral activity but further reducing particulates caused by burning fuel can only be a good thing. FlueCube is supported by the European Regional Development Fund to help us get this message across.

q. How big is the FlueCube?

a. The FlueCube is 40cm long with a width of 30.5cm; with a choice of 3 colours the FlueCube blends in with your current chimney. You won’t even notice it’s there but you will notice the benefits.