Building Regulations for Stoves

Flue Heights

Any single skin flue pipe used must not come closer to combustibles than three times its diameter e.g for a 6"or 150mm pipe it needs to be a minimum of 18" 450mm from a combustible material. This distance can be reduced to 60mm if our double skin insulated flues are used.

When installing a twinwall double insulated chimney system you need to ensure that the chimney height is compliant with the building regulations.

Below is a guide to the clearances you must have in order to comply.

The Flue must clear the roof by the distances laid out below to ensure that you receive a good draw on the chimney. Flue gases must be able to flow from the chimney freely in order not to cause any risks to the property.

A chimney that does not have the height laid out below could suffer from a downdraught problem resulting in the flue gases not escaping freely and causing problems.

Measuring Flue Height
When measuring the height of the chimney you MUST NOT measure the chimney at the top of the Rain cap you always measure from the area where the flue gases depart. See the image below for an example.