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ALDER_gives a poor heat 

APPLE_has a steady slow burn when dry,a good heat output with a pleasant odour 

ASH_excellant burning wood,gives great heat output and flame,best heat output when dry 

BEECH_good heat output when dry,only fair when wood is green,prone to shoot embers 

BIRCH_the heat is good but burns quickly,a pleasant odour is produced 

CEDAR_produces little flame,but great heat and wonderfull odour 

CHERRY_a slow burning wood and produces good heat and pleasant odour 

CHESTNUT_produces small flames,prone to shoot embers 

DOUGLAS FIR_poor little flame or heat 

ELDER_generates a lot of smoke,burns quickly poor heat 

ELM_commonly offered for sale,to burn well it has to be seasoned for 2 years,even when dry liable to smoke 

EUCALYPTUS_good dense hardwood,should be properly seasoned before use,will produce good heat 


HOLLY_best when fully seasoned 

HORNBEAM_compared to beech 

LABURNUM_totally poisonous tree,acrid smoke,best avoided altogether 

LARCH_crackly,scented,fairly good for heat 

LAURAL_brilliant flame 



OAK_very poor flame,smoke is acrid,but dry old oak is excellent for heat 

PEAR_provides good heat,pleasant scent 

PINE_splended flame but liable to split 

PLANE_burns pleasantly,liable to spark if very dry 

PLUMB_good heat and aromatic 

POPLAR_not recommended 

RHODODENDRON_very tough,burns well 

SYCAMORE_good flame,moderate heat,useless green 

SPRUCE_burns fast,creates many sparks

THORNE_one of the best woods,burns slow,great heat,very little smoke 

WALNUT_good,very aromatic wood 


YEW_good,pleasant scent,slow burn,great heat


( Now i hope this is of some help when you are purchasing wood for your new wood burning stove)






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