Aidan 21kw Multi Fuel Stove

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This is a great all round wood burning stove for an above-average sized house. The HF443-B can heat a space of around 185m2 as well as run between 10 to 12 radiators, depending on their size. Finished in traditional black, its stylishly simple lines and big fire window will make it the highlight of any room.

Multi fuel stoves burning gives you more choice, including wood
Why have a wood burning stove when you can have a multi fuel stove which also burns wood? With the Olymberyl Aidan wood burning stoves not only can you burn wood, but you can safely use standard coal, brown coal nuggets, briquettes, turf or peat.

Quality standards throughout
The Olymberyl Aidan wood burning stove is CE approved and conforms to EN13240, the European standard for wood burning stoves safety and efficiency - beware of any wood burning stoves that don’t meet this critical standard.

‘Clean burn’ technology for improved performance
Olymberyl’s wood burning stoves secondary burn system ensures cleaner and more efficient combustion of the solid fuel and is therefore better for the environment. The insulated fire box maintains the temperature at a level which is sufficiently hot enough for the combustion of any gases and particles which have escaped from the initial burn. This reduces emissions whilst greatly increasing the efficiency and performance of the stove. The single fire door feature also adds to the increased efficiency. Complies with European, North American and Australian / New Zealand standards for emissions.

Air wash system for a cosier look
The wood burning stoves air wash system utilises preheated air from the top of the fire box which has been created by the secondary burn system. This preheated air is forced down across the inside of the front door glass, burning the unwanted particle deposits, to provide a clearer view of the fire.

Overnight Burn facility for easier operation
This simply allows the wood burning stove to continue safely burning overnight, but at a much slower rate. You wake up to a warmer room and a wood burning stove which can be quickly and easily brought up to full working temperature.

Built for years of faithful service
Long lasting cast iron construction and heat resistant high chrome internal castings. 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee.

HF443B Technical Specifications
Standard finish Traditional Black
Water Boiler Yes
Net weight 223kg
Flue outlets Rear and top
Flue size 150mm / 6”
Minimum efficiency 78%
Maximum CO emissions 0.3%
Heat output to room 6kw / 20,000 BTU
Heat output to water 15kw / 50,000 BTU
Heating capacity Up to 185m2
Plus radiators 10 - 12 radiators
Grate capacity (eg wood) 4.8kg
Dimensions (mm) H827 W610 D610

Log Sizes
Typical log length 375mm (15")
Max length (diagonal) 450mm (18")
Depth / Width / Dia approx 175mm (7")

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