About the FlueCube Chimney Cowl

The FlueCube is a high quality stainless steel chimney cowl manufactured in the UK.

Chimney cowls, which are also known as chimney caps, are called cowls due to their shape but there are many different types on the market which address different problems. All purpose chimney cowls address all the common problems associated with flues of wood burners and multi fuel stoves and will work well as anti rain chimney cowls, bird guards and anti downdraught cowls too.

A good chimney cowl will also prevent strong winds forcing the smoke back down into the room, known as downdraught, and stop the room from filling with puffs of smoke and harmful gasses.

As well as preventing rain water getting into your flue and likely into your room too, the FlueCube anti rain chimney cowl will also protect from birds and other animals nesting inside the chimney. A chimney is a favourite nesting place for many animals and it is essential to block their access to your flue to keep it clear of blockages.

The FlueCube is intended to set a new standard in the design of chimney cowls.

Originally developed in New Zealand, the FlueCube chimney cowl now has patents pending in 40 countries and is fast developing a reputation as one of the foremost cowls on the market.